June special election, tax increases, may be vote-by-mail only
February 02, 2011

See: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/02/01/BAPP1HHCPS.DTL#ixzz1CpCsPlfU

Guv Brown is going to take no chances on getting his union owned hands on $50 billion of YOUR hard earned money. He wants to close down voting booths and give a ballot to EVERY registered voter, dead, alive, legal, and illegal and have them approve $50 billion in new taxes.

"The governor stated during his State of the State address Monday that he wants a "clear mandate" from the public for his plan, but he's also looking at his best chances of winning. And some advisers figure a mail vote would give him that chance."

This would allow the unions to go door to door, with postage stamps, get people as only unions can do, to fill out the tax increase ballot--remember "this is to insure we keep teachers, cops and firefighters--only the rich will pay the tax"--put the stamp on the ballot and mail it for them.

This is $50 billion for unions and the special interests--they will make sure everybody, they want votes. Brown is making sure California goes from a Great Depression into bankruptcy.

He will say such an election would save $20-30 million instead of having voting booths for the election. Actually, if passed, YOU will lose $50 billion, jobs, homes and end the possibility of a recovery.

Maybe if he ended the union monopoly and control over government and workers, we would be better off? How about telling workers, if you are qualified you have a job, no need to pay a bribe to a union.

The bottom line is that it will take Republicans to approve a vote by mail only election. Tell them NO, no more Brown/union manipulation of the electoral process