The promoters of the proposed "Downtown El Sobrante/Appian Corridor" redevelopment plan have consistently tried to characterize any opposition as "angry", "disruptive", "threatening". See PAC member, Mechanics Bank employee and President of the El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce, Marie Carayanis' LETTER entitled "El Sobrante Redevelopment Plan" from pg. 1 of the "About Town" August 2003 edition, "monthly newsletter of the El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce. Note the unsubstantiated claims of "scare tactics", "demonstrations" and the assertion that those in opposition are "not working together" but "against each other". Hello, Ms. Carayanis, this is America and people have the right to object and have an opposing point of view. Note also her comment that the "project area committee (PAC) was freely elected". What she neglects to say is that there are 2 couples (4 people) on this PAC, and the only reason a PAC is needed is that CA Redevelopment Law REQUIRES a PAC be elected when a redevelopment plan contains the provision that EMINENT DOMAIN can be used!! By the way, El Sobrante WAS peaceful until certain citizens instigated a land grab for the County!!