GOOD NEWS!! NO Chemtrails in El Sobrante area since June 2010...what in the world is going on??


Aug. 19, 2008


Nov. 11, 2005


The famous 'X' pattern taken April 13, 2007


They even spray the crooks in Sacramento!! Taken Nov. 17, 2005


VIDEO: Chemtrail Spraying in El Cerrito - Aug. 19, 2008

(It takes the plane over a minute to get it's spray apparatus going...)

Video: Chemtrail spraying in El Sobrante - Jan. 11, 2009

Video Links: Just type in "chemtrail" or "chemtrails" on YouTube for 1000's of videos taken by concerned citizens all over the world; here's a nice one:

Ft. Lauderdale March 1, 2008

Chemtrail Galore - Spray Day 2-10-08

Las Vegas under heavy attack 2/25/08



Chemtrail Fallout in Northern California

Full-page advertisement placed in a Redding, California paper recently by North State Citizens for Clean Air
(530) 947-8872.


Chemtrail Links:

Arizona Skywatch

New York Skywatch

Sofia Smalstrom presentation in Portland, OR 4/11/09

Google 'chemtrails', also can type in 'chemtrails' on YouTube

Chemtrails, Nanotech, & Morgellons

HerbAllure Forum page on Chemtrails

Tanker Enemy (English version of Italian site)

Chemtrails Killed the Honeybees

Prince Talks About Chemtrails on TV