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Sent: Monday, October 8, 2018 3:26 PM
Subject: Top post: watch out for 2 women using counterfeit bills

we had a garage sale yesterday for our elderly parents. we had a fantastic time selling their stuff for them and meeting neighbors until these 2 women came to our sale. they bought 4 one dollar items and a compressor for 20. they paid with a hundred dollar bill, I gave them 76 in change back. few minutes later they came back and said they couldn't fit the compressor in the trunk and they wanted the 20 back, so I did. We later realized the edges of bill didn't look right, like it was cut with a dull knife. I took the bill to Wells Fargo and they confirmed that it was in fact a counterfeit. Sheriff came out and took all the info. I guess next people I have to contact will be the Secret Service field office in San Francisco?. Anyways, I want to share this information to alert the neighbors. I have reported this information to the police. Person 1 Hair: 1 black hat, black hair Top: 1 black shirt Bottom: 1 jean shorts Age: 32 Sex: female Race: Hispanic Build: medium Other: animal foot print tattoo on left thigh. she had year old chihuahua and carrying a blanket Person 2 Hair: long brown curly Top: white shirt Bottom: jean shorts Shoes: white sneakers Age: 35 Sex: female Race: Hispanic may be Filipina Build: medium Other: no makeup Vehicle 1 Color: black Make: honda Model: del sol Year: 1995 Type: car License: last digits were 41 Other: car was lowered with black steel wheels, no front plate, rear had a tinted cover over the plate.