- links to PDF files of Draft EIR, CA Redevelopment Law booklet "Community Guide to Redevelopment", maps of proposed redevelopment area, et. al. - agendas of Jan. -June '03 Project Area Committee (PAC) meetings. Maps of individual blocks of proposed Project Area are included with the Feb. 25, '03 meeting. Please take a look at the POWER PT. PROGRAM SHOWING THE "STREETSCAPE TRANSFORMATION" (HOW EL SOBRANTE MIGHT LOOK AFTER REDEVELOPMENT) IF THE COUNTY AND THE "MOVERS AND SHAKERS" OF EL SOBRANTE GET THE REDEVELOPMENT PLAN PASSED - Sorta' looks like Walnut Creek, huh?? Note the zero setback "smart growth" buildings with ground floor small businesses and multi-story apartments above. See Del Norte Plaza (also called the "PINK PALACE") adjacent to El Cerrito Del Norte BART station for a typical smart growth building.

Description of Project Area of "Downtown El Sobrante/Appian Corridor Redevelopment Project"

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors passed Resolution No. 2002/581 on Sept. 24. 2002, designating the "Downtown El Sobrante" Project Area encompassing properties located along San Pablo Dam Rd. from El Portal Dr. to Appian Way and extending from the intersection of Appian way and Dam Rd. down to slightly beyond the intersection of Valley View Rd. and Appian Way, including some properties on Sobrante Ave. between Appian Way and Valley View Rd.


Download a Map of the Redevelopment Area from these links: (Small )

(Large with Addresses ).