San Pablo Dam Rd./Appian Way Redevelopment Plan Update - 12/08


At the December 10, 2008 El Sobrante Municipal Advisory Council meeting, the council voted on the goals they'd like to set for 2009. As usual, the members were concerned that El Sobrante needs a facelift. New ESMAC member, Jim Hermann stated he has lived here his entire life and thinks El Sobrante looks worse as time goes on.

One of the goals the ESMAC voted to work on was to work to reinstitute the failed Downtown El Sobrante/Appian Way Redevelopment Plan. The plan area is roughly the area of Dam Rd. between El Portal Dr. and Appian Way and the area along Appian Way up to and including the triangle and somewhat beyond. According to CA redevelopment law, the passage of any redevelopment plan has to include a significant amount of 'affordable housing'; so....a redevelopment plan is a very poor way to 'upgrade' an area.

Redevelopment plans require the selling of bonds to finance the housing and any street improvements, which are not required, by the way. This increases the bonded indebtedness of California; see latest State controllers' report for 2006-2007

Redevelopment is quite literally, an 'unknown government.'