WHAT: Envision Contra Costa 2040 in El Sobrante

WHERE: Elks Lodge #1251, 3931 San Pablo Dam Road

WHEN: Thursday, May 30, 6PM to 8PM

WHY: To ensure new General Plan reflects values and aspirations of El Sobrante residents (Yeah, right...they've already made plans for us and this is just a pro-forma meeting to make it look like they give a hoot about what you think...if you think that the County shouldn't plan the future of El Sobrante tell them...)

MORE: Visit envisioncontracosta2040.org to provide your input online



What's the "visioning process"?? It's part of the United Nations plan to "transform" the world into a tightly controlled police state with one currency, one religion and most importantly one WORLD government....every city, town and burg in the US will be subject to these "visioning" processes to make you think your ideas count....THEY DON'T!! only a mass outcry against these plans have a chance of beating them back at least for the time being..


Note the "Wild and Radish" LLC's taking over large swaths of what was once private property here in El Sobrante....LLC's pay no taxes, as a matter of course and are not subject to the increasing property tax burden private property owners pay...so in essence the rest of us are supporting these properties through our tax dollars...Wild and Radish even asks for public donations (!) and public help at cleaning up their properties...OUTRAGEOUS!!



For more info on the "visioning process" see: https://www.freedomadvocates.org/visioning-know-what-you-are-getting-into/