There is a new danger looming on the horizon for CA homeowners. Brown has claimed that he is doing away with redevelopment agencies - NOT TRUE. If the
agencies can pony up money (and lots of it, amount not clear at present) i.e. pay to play, they can stay in business.

When asked if cities would be successful in court in stopping Brown's dissolution of redevelopment agencies Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee stated: "Hard to say whether cities will succeed since this is new legal frontier. The abolition doesn't take effect until Oct 1 so there's time for court battles built into legislation. I'd say it's about 50-50, since latest version allows redevelopment agencies to be reconstituited by agreeing to meet state standards and donate money to state."

And, at the same time back in February when Brown was grandstanding all over the place about eliminating CA redevelopment agencies, State Senator Lois Wolk was quietly introducing a replacement for RA's - SB214 which will allow local governments to set up Infrastructure Financing Districts (IFD's) WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE PUBLIC which will dramatically raise property taxes and be the equivalent of RA's on steroids becausethe funds can be used to finance a much broader set of 'infrastructure' projects i.e. acquisition of open space, the planning and building of sustainable communities, levee and water projects, etc etc, ad nauseum.

If you didn't already lose your home, you probably will if this bill passes. For a synopsis given out at the latest hearing of the bill at the Local Government subcommittee see: and note progress here: