Primary Argument Against Measure E

At a time when businesses and homeowners face overwhelming financial challenges, "community leaders" in collusion with Supervisor John Gioia want you to fund a 'dedicated' Sheriff's deputy for El Sobrante through yet another parcel tax.

Property owners in Rodeo and N. Arlington Hts. recently rejected a tax for a "dedicated Sheriff's Deputy." Nevertheless, the County is now combining the unrelated areas of El Sobrante with N. Arlington Hts. into Zone 3111 for this tax.

We don't need an "increased police presence"; we already have enough Sheriff's deputies, Richmond City Police, DEA agents, blight inspectors, and general all around busybodies in our area. Moreover, property owners are already paying for police protection under both a Countywide "P" (Police Services) district established in 1983 and several special "P" districts in El Sobrante proper.

The County states there is a "need for increased police protection service" in El Sobrante and they are having "difficulty…funding the current…level of services." The 2008-2009 "P" district funding just for the El Sobrante area showed an 'ending balance' of $176,578!
Where is this money being spent? Moreover, if passed, this tax will increase annually according to the Consumer Price Index, typically 3%!

Even though this is billed as a "dedicated" Sheriff's Deputy, the Sheriff has wide latitude to move personnel and equipment around as he sees fit. Among other things this tax will be used to purchase and maintain a new police car - a cost that could eat up the first years' revenue!

Government mismanagement has caused the current financial crisis. El Sobrante residents don't need new taxes - they need tax relief! Vote NO on this tax!

Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure E

The usual suspects here in El Sobrante: the El Sobrante MAC and a specially created "Crime" subcommittee, the El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce, and Supervisor Gioia are using scare tactics to justify the need for another deputy in our area. They claim 'increased law enforcement' will lower crime and increase property values. Yet, they have produced no studies that show the truth of these assertions.

Proponents also use the line that $38/yr works out to 10 cents/day for this extra deputy. What they don't tell you is that this election is costing taxpayers $30,000 from the County general fund!! This from a County that now has an unfunded employee pension fund liability of $1.4billion! Moreover, our school district is also asking your for more money!

If you allow the formation of this special taxing Zone 3111, it will never go away. Have you ever seen a taxing zone disappear? At the end of the 5 years taxing period, the "usual suspects", whoever they may be at that time, will have yet another crime crisis to justify renewing this tax - perhaps for an even longer period and for more money!

Look at how much tax you are already giving the County. If there's such a crime crisis in El Sobrante, why can't the County put more resources here? Police and fire protection used to be basic public services. They still should be.

Tell the County NO, NO, NO!! Vote No on Measure E!!