7 Anti-Obama Photos From Egypt Protests You Won’t See From The Main Stream Media
July 3, 2013


While the main stream media is covering the protests in Egypt and letting us know that Egyptians are absolutely fed up with Mohamed Morsi and his thuggish radical Islamic regime, they aren't going to tell you that many of the protestors are also against Obama for supporting Morsi. These latest round of protests are being called by some as the largest protests in human history but since they are against the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama supports, the White House has remained virtually silent about them.

Of course the willing State Run Media is also playing along with Obama and even though they are showing the large scale of the protests, they are not showing the real sentiment behind them and what's going on via Twitter. The pictures below tell a different story.

The people of Egypt see and experience the evil of the Muslim Brotherhood backed Morsi and his fundamentalist Islamic regime he is trying to implement. They live with it every day and they don't like it and don't like the fact that the Obama administration is using its power and money and military hardware to support radical Islam. They know what the truth is and the pictures below tell the story:

Wake up America!