I have provided a response below each of your questions.

1. What are your objectives in setting up a P-1 district in El Sobrante?
Essentially we are trying to provide an updated Zoning Program for El Sobrante's commercial core. The existing Zoning Districts operate from a framework drafted in the late 1940's to early 1950's. This new P-1 District will help current property owners/business owners in the commercial core to streamline permit process and tailor future land use, development standards, and design guidelines to El Sobrante.

2. Do you have any written reports of your work on the El Sobrante P-1 district?
The P-1 document is constantly being reviewed and updated as we go. We have not published a formal or final document. We do not have written reports, but we have published agenda's on the following website:
Also included on the website is a link to the General Plan Amendment that was approved by the Board of Supervisors last summer.

3. Do you have plans to pursue grants to implement the P-1 zoning?
The only grant we have associated with the P-1 Rezoning is the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant, which we covered in a previous email.

4. Do you have a map of the properties included in the P-1 zoning district?
Attached is the proposed P-1 Zoning District.

NOTE: The area formerly encompassed by the Downtown El Sobrante/Appian Way Redevelopment Plan is now rezoned to 'mixed use' to 'give the property owners the option to build mixed use, zero setback smart growth buildings along Dam Rd. and Appian Way - THIS WAY THE PROPERTY OWNERS PAY TO BUILD THE HIGH DENSITY SMART GROWTH TYPE BUILDINGS THE COUNTY/STATE/FEDS WANT IN EVERY TOWN & CITY IN THE US

5. Who selected the members of the P-1 planning committee?
District I Supervisor's Office and Department of Conservation and Development selected the local community groups/organizations/advisory councils to make up the committee. Each of those groups chose their own member(s) to participate.


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