Existing P6 Areas in Unincorporated Contra Costa County

In 1983, the County Board of Supervisors passed Board Resolution # 83-835 initiating the formation of a countywide P District (Police Services Area) to provide an enhanced level of police services over all the county. The LAFCO (Local Area Formation Commission) commission has to approve the formation of all county service areas (CSA's). Since LAFCO approved this countywide, you have been paying to fund this P District!

LAFCO (Local Area Formation Commission) #83-13 Document File Relating to Formation of Countywide Police Services Area

In Nov. 2008, the Board of Supervisors sponsored Measure F, to form a Police Services area in the N. Arlington and E. Richmond Hts. area to fund enhanced police protection. See voter information pamphlet for Measure F. Voters in this area were opposed to this measure and wisely voted it down saving themselves $106.00/yr for a single family home.


Data on West County P6 Zones 1997 - 2005