We need your help on something very important. We're working on a legal challenge to the huge 9 county 101 city regional plan here in the San Francisco Bay: One Bay Area. This regional plan is different from the others in the US and we believe it's a prototype for forced implementation of UN Agenda 21's 'Islands of Human Habitation'.

Plan Bay Area/One Bay Area includes Priority Development Areas (see attached map) that are targeted to contain 80% of the residential and 66% of the commercial development over the next 25 years. This is extremely important because it is a violation of the 5th and the 14th amendments (takings/due process/just compensation, and equal protection) and will restrict development to less than 4% of the land area in the SF Bay Area. These PDAs are within Urban Growth Boundaries but create new de facto urban growth boundaries because people who own property within the UGBs will not be able to develop unless (presumably) 80% of the population increase has already been accommodated within the PDAs.

This is an incredible overreach on the part of the state and federal government. The plan does not address how the other 20% of development will be chosen for approval. Cities have asked the Metropolitan Planning Organization this question and have been ignored. This plan impacts thousands of acres of land and millions of property owners for 27 years--a generation of restrictions and denials for development. The final draft plan has been released and we have 55 days to enter objections into the administrative record in preparation for filing a lawsuit before the filing period has elapsed.

If this plan moves forward unchallenged and is not stopped it will set a precedent in the United States. Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates and I have hired a constitutional law firm to write the objections to go into the legal administrative record. When the 55 day comment period ends on May 16 we will have our comments in. Then we'll have only 60 days to file the lawsuit. I firmly believe that this suit will be the suit of the century. This will be a major challenge to UN Agenda 21 / Regionalization.

We need your help fundraising for this. The Post Sustainability Institute is a 501 c4 (donations are not tax deductible) and will be collecting the funds. One hundred percent of the funds will go for this lawsuit. Michael and I have committed thousands of dollars to the fight. Can your group commit to assist with funds or press coverage? We can offer you website space, honors, awards, recognition, and the gratitude of the nation. The most important thing is the knowledge that when it came down to a real opportunity to strike a killing blow to the collapse of private property rights in America, you were there with the hammer in your hand.

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Thank you,

Rosa Koire, ASA
Executive Director
Post Sustainability Institute