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June 13, 2013

One Bay Area - Stealth and Deception

MTC-ABAG Present: "What We Heard"

Friday Forum in Oakland

You are affected by the plot to transform the San Francisco Bay Area. OBA involves more than $250,000,000,000 (over a quarter of a trillion dollars) of taxpayer money. It is a largely unknown plan and yet overwhelmingly opposed by those who do know. The global boiler plate program called One Bay Area (OBA) or Plan Bay Area is promoted by The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) via stealth and deception.

ABAG and MTC are fabricating data to achieve a predetermined outcome. Do not be fooled by some of the good "sounding" programs, the ultimate outcome is designed to assess, monitor and control us. This is accomplished by incrementally changing the principles, government structure and lifestyle we enjoy today. One Bay Area is Agenda 21 in operation and ABAG is a regional Soviet-style agency. Here is history of One Bay Area's connection to UN Agenda 21.

In non-scientific polling conducted by the Regionalists, a small number of people were surveyed and accounted for. Most respondents who were in favor of the plan had either something to gain or were unwitting and uninformed citizens fooled by misleading questions and a lack of truthful information. Lies have been used to proclaim that the public is in support of One Bay Area but do you know anyone who supports the remake of life in the Bay Area? See how ABAG and MTC operate during their meeting tomorrow at 9:30am in Oakland They will be reporting on "What They Heard." (details below).

Click here to review survey of agencies' phony and contrived polling. 2500 participants out of a population of over 9,000,000!

Learn all you can about One Bay Area. Final adoption is scheduled for July 2013, which will not be the end of the story even if it is adopted. If you can attend tomorrow's meeting, speak up or hold a sign in opposition. If you can't make it, let your elected officials know in the public record (emails, letters or oral communications) that you are against this plan. Learn more about the legal challenge to One Bay Area and donate. For more information, see A Time to Sue: Regionalism Challenged. Tell your friends, neighbors and family. Citizen awareness now... or live to rue the day you failed to do so.

Just Say NO to Regionalism - Do NOT accept this Plan!

Joint MTC and ABAG Executive Board Meeting:

Friday, June 14, 2013

9:30 AM

101 Eighth Ave.

Oakland, CA

Contrived 'Consensus'

These following transcripts reflect the Agencies' outreach and the public reaction - In short the public disapproved of the plan and insiders and social engineers supported it. No Surprise.

*Open House/Public Hearing Results by County

Alameda County

Court reporter transcript

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

Contra Costa County

Court reporter transcript

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

Marin County

Court reporter transcript

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

Napa County

Court reporter transcript

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

San Francisco County

Court reporter transcript ar

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

San Mateo County

Court reporter transcript

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

Santa Clara County

Court reporter transcripts

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

Solano County

Court reporter transcript

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

Sonoma County

Court reporter transcript

Comment forms submitted at public hearing

*Thanks to Mimi Steel of SF Bay CAPR for bringing the MTC links to Freedom Advocates' attention. Bear in mind, SF Bay CAPR avoids the internationalist connections to Plan Bay Area.

One Bay Area or Plan Bay Area is the prototypical implementation of Agenda 21. This plan will be implemented in metropolitan areas across the country if established here. Regional government is promulgated through Councils of Governments (COGs) (ABAG is a COG) and serves to neuter local government through a federalized system of carrots and sticks. COGs are designed to be the primary engine in the United States to advance Agenda 21 at the local level. Over time the Plan abolishes private property as a system of public private partnerships (economic fascism) assume control of our economic future.

You can contribute to the campaign to Say No to Regionalism.

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You will be making an invaluable and timely contribution to salvage a Constitutional America.

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