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Preconditioning for Acceptance of Change

David J. Smith

When a group wants to manipulate the mind of the masses, they lay certain premises to overcome any resistance. These premises include the following:

a) A GOAL is set which is not compatible with the will of the citizenry
b) To obtain that Goal, a majority must be MOVED to accept it
c) MEANS had to be devised to bypass any resistance.

That goal was stated in the First Occasional Paper of the Rockefeller General Education Board. Essentially, it was to be a return to serfdom for all the people of the world, except for an elite few, who would work their will in managing the affairs of the
entire world. Therefore, CHANGE had to come!!!

To achieve "a docile people," yielding gratefully to the "molding hands" of that elite, required a number of intermediate objectives:
l) Eradication of historic religious concepts
2) A world organization to bring influence to bear universally (United Nations)
3) Elimination of "artificial" political boundaries (European Union and the emerging North American Union with open borders)
4) Selected - not elected -officials (ABAG, MTC, political party hierarchy, BAAQMD, et al)
5) Amalgamation of the races, in a greatly reduced population
6) Control of transportation, communication, education, money, and agriculture (GMO foods via Monsanto, controlled media, etc, BART, et al)
7) A management system to control such a massive undertaking ("public-private partnerships AKA Fascism)

All of the problems that we see around us have been CREATED in pursuit of this goal of controlling the world. Each problem fits into one or another of these premises, and CHANGE has been the battle cry.

Pavlov's contribution to this scheme is well known. Not so evident but of great and continuing importance is the technique developed by John Dewey to put Pavlov's theories into action by creating a systematic desired change, by publicizing its effectiveness
for a stated purpose - even though the stated purpose may not be the REAL one, building support for it, conditioning acceptance for it, and eventually adoption of it.

H.G. Wells contributed the method of supplying the "troops" to conduct this offensive in his book, The Open Conspiracy. There has been a deliberate effort to conceal the true nature of that Goal, and to embed in the public mind the thought that it is not only desirable, but also inevitable.

There is no longer room for doubt that a war, more deadly than any fought with bullets or bombs, is the moving force behind the assaults on established institutions and social and political principles.

PSYCHOPOLITICS is the viable force by which this war is being conducted! The mind sciences provide both the enabling agents and the munitions to conduct the offensive. Colleges, universities, think tanks, and bureaucracies provide the training grounds
for the insurgents, and the supply sources to support the assault. With logistical maintenance from both the tax exempt foundations, such as Ford, Rockefeller, our federal government, and a host of others, there is no want for material to conduct this war on our minds.

Psychopolitics is "the art and science of obtaining and maintaining control" over individuals and the masses. lt holds that a degraded nation has NO defense against conquest; that a nation is only as principled as its people. A continuing strategy in this
war has been to degrade the citizenry. UNINHIBITED SEX is the ultimate weapon in degradation. Promotion of every conceivable debauchery - including raw sex in the classrooms - has been an accelerating tactic, insidiously eroding morals, ethics and
principles!!! By means of such assaults, both personal and institutional integrity are debauched. The result is paralysis of the will to resist - recognized today as APATHY!!!

BRAINWASHING is one prong of this dual tactic and is an element of psychopolitics. This is the term that describes the process by which INDOCTRINATION is accomplished The other prong is MIND CHANGING, which applies to the process of converting one set of values to another! Brainwashing replaces conceived beliefs with externally determined alternatives; mind changing transfers loyalty FROM the former belief TO the latter belief!

There are a number of elements essential to deliberately altering individual perceptions. Among these are drugs, fatigue, tension, threat, violence, and hunger. To the extent that all are present, the success of psychopolitical attacks can be assured. When a sexual dominant feature is included, the potential for control on a mass scale is no longer debatable!!! What do you see featured in nearly every movie or TV program? SEX, VIOLENCE, DRUGS, and TENSION!!! What about the news? TENSION and THREATS of violence through terrorism!!! What do we see all over America? Hunger and foods stripped of their nutrients!!! The United States was once the best fed people in the world with naturally grown crops. Fifty years ago, grocers' shelves had the most wholesome, nourishing, naturally grown food found in the world. Compare that with what is available today! So-called boxed food is loaded with MSG and other chemicals. The result has been the recognition of new diseases, hyperactivity - the "Twinky" generation causing us to become the sickest people on earth!!!

Although brainwashing and mind changing are major concerns, they are but a part of the change strategy. A serious aspect is that the victim RESISTS recognizing that he has been inanmulated!!!

Group dynamics, sensitivity training, behavioral modification, T-grouping, and others, have only one central purpose - to replace individual responsibility and action, with group accountability and conformity. It is this TRANSFER of initiative, from the private sector, TO government, which under girds all the problems of today. It usurps the sovereignty of the citizen, despite Constitutional prohibition and historic precedence.

The Communists said they would capture Washington, D.C. and by-pass the
States; then they would have only one battle to win rather than 50. RAND Corporation has developed a whole library of strategies constructed around a World War II tool for geopolitical warfare. It is called "Delphi." Delphi is in wide use today as a psychopolitical method of controlling opinion.

A case in point: in the early seventies, a textbook was developed by a think tank at Berkeley, California, with the authority of the Governor's Office. The textbook was created and approved by the Council on Intergovernmental Relations. It provided an
elementary course in the use of psychopolitics "to provide the operant mechanism to change events in local government. " Named as the essential elements for planned CHANGE were:
l. A collapse of government's ability to provide needed services.
2. A CRISIS of major magnitude.
3. A catastrophe that has a PHYSICAL EFFECT on the community (Note: 9/ l 1).
4. The Corruption of local officials.
5. The high Cost of government, and the desire for a higher level of services.

"The Politics of Change" then proceeded to suggest ways to create these elements. "The Politics of Change" textbook is evidence of a deliberate, calculated scheme to misinform, mislead, manage, and control the destiny of local government in California and its citizens, without regard for legal, moral, or ethical constraints.

The five essential elements that will force change are being used at the local, state, and federal levels. Underlying all of these activities was the recognition that the American public would resist the planned changes, so there had to be a way to bypass that resistance. Those working for CHANGE lose no sleep because of their bold determination to encroach
upon the right of the American citizen to make their own decisions as to whether they want the New World Order, or reject it for our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and national sovereignty!

Different change strategies have been identified as being implemented without knowledge of the American citizen. Example: In California, in the early l970s, a Specialized Training Institute was created to indoctrinate "peace officers" in the techniques of controlling and/or suppressing "political dissent," specifically including the use of FORCE against the citizenry, which might RESIST a tyrannical takeover of their legitimate government. Basic to individual liberty is the tenet of the uninhibited liberty of the mind to engage in any and every aspect of thought, without coercion or external direction of any kind. "Conditioning of the mind" is blatant abuse of that inherent right of every citizen to think for him/herself- a right guaranteed by the Constitution! As a function of government, conditioning of the minds ofthe citizenry is tyranny!!!