Tues. 7/22/03- The El Sobrante Chamber of Commerce held a meeting to update the "business community" on progress of the Downtown Transportation and Land Use Plan - 7PM, Liberty Foursquare Church (behind Jay Vee Liquors), 3640 San Pablo Dam Rd. -Photos here

MAY EL SOBRANTE MAC MEETING: Jim Kennedy, head of the Contra Costa Redevelopment Agency, answered community questions on the Redevelopment Plan at the El Sobrante Municipal Advisory Council meeting on 5/14/03.

Citizens packed the meeting room (some with signs), Sandy brought Chammie,her horse, and Kennedy sure felt the heat. He danced about but could not convince the public that he was looking out for our interests. SEPT. update: MAC meeting minutes from May MAC meeting are still LOST!!


El Sobrante Project Area Committee (PAC) meetings:

Jan. 9 , 2003 - As meeting had little public notice, attendance was small. The PAC election took place. Shirley Sharp was elected and her husband, Bob Sharp was appointed yielding one couple on the PAC.

Feb 25, 2003 - Citizens voiced their displeasure at the undemocratic nature of the proceedings and lack of meeting notification. Many residents of the project area stated they had not received notification about the meeting or the proposed redevelopment plan.

March 25, 2003 - Public Improvement program, Financial Feasibility, Land Use Issues. Ditto Feb. 25th meeting!

April 29, 2003 - Project Area Boundaries, Plan Provisions, Planning & Land Use, Implementation Plan. Lots of opposition to Redevelopment!!

May 20, 2003 - Meeting was packed with attendees; Jimmy McGuire and Rick Stacis were ejected during meeting. Once again, the majority of speakers were AGAINST the redevelopment plan and objected to the lack of public notification regarding the Plan and meetings- Photos of the crowd and Rick S. and Jimmy M. gettin' the boot!!

June 17, 2003 - Supervisor John Gioia basically took over the meeting and called in 3 Sheriff's Deputies to stand guard. Once again, the overwhelming sentiment of those present was AGAINST a redevelopment project for El Sobrante. PAC meetings were suspended until 2004! Photos HERE