NOTE: This is the same thing that is happening here in El Sobrante!!!!!!!!


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If you anywhere in the Bay Area your cities will be transformed into "Urban Transit Villags" with Stack and Pack housing next to mass transit. This is all part of the UN's Agenda 21 vision known locally as "One Bay Area". If you don't believe me take a look at what they are planning for the small town of Orinda. This is also going to happen in the neighboring towns of Moraga and Lafayette.

In Orinda they are planning (the City Council) to replace the block where BevMo, TruValue and many other local small town stores and stood for decades with high rise low income (Section 8) housing with shops underneath. The local businesses don't want this. The local residents don't want this, yet they are moving forward.

The Save Orinda group is fighting back. Please join them. If you live in or near these areas please consider going to the visioning meetings that are scheduled to be held at the local schools in the area.

Go to to join the fight. You can also email them via:

Downtown Planning Update - An update regarding downtown planning developments in Orinda.

The pace of activity is picking-up. The city is conducting an on-line survey at The questions may seem biased, but please try to carve-out five minutes to participate in the process.

Downtown planning meetings are also being held in the neighborhood elementary schools, as follows:
Wagner Ranch –Monday, October 3
Sleepy Hollow – Wednesday, October 5
Del Rey – Monday, October 24
Glorietta – Wednesday, November 2
All meetings are from 7:00 – 9:00 PM in each school's multi-purpose room.

Please try to attend and participate in your neighborhood meeting.

SaveOrinda encourages healthy discussion of the following under-represented questions:
What will be the impact on schools of adding high-density, downtown residents and potentially hundreds of new students? Quality of education? Class size? Increased cost? Trailer classrooms? Safety? Busing? (Remember that the new Wilder development already will be likely soon adding hundreds of new students to the district.)

What will be the impact on traffic and parking of adding high-density, downtown residents ? Parking meters? Fewer on-street parking spaces? More cars = more traffic? More traffic lights/speed bumps? Construction detours?

What will be the impact on property values of existing Orinda homes, by adding hundreds of downtown, high-density residential units?

What will the cost of added needed services such as police, fire, etc. be to the city versus any potential increase in property tax revenues? (Note that a new 600 apartment residential complex at the Walnut Creek BART station is expected to bring that city only an additional $135,000 to $150,000 per year from property taxes)

Where are the survey options that don’t include high-density housing?

When will any proposed changes to the existing downtown General Plan appear on a ballot for citizen approval?

What would you like the future of Orinda to be -- a small, semi-rural town, or a city with a dense residential downtown? Realize that if downtown high-rise condos are built, that for better or worse, Orinda will never be the same again. Let's make sure that Orinda residents are the ones to decide our future.
Thank you for your ongoing concern regarding the future of Orinda.