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by Derry Brownfield
from his Commonsense Chronicle September 2006 issue

I recently travelled a road I haven't been on for over 40 years. I was surprised at the number of homes that lined this rural highway. Forty years ago there were only farmhouses a half-mile
to a mile apart. Today this byway has become a "ribbon city" made up of smalll, single
family frame houses owned by families of low to moderate income. Each family has at
least one automobile and I imagine most own one or more guns. These people travel a
minimum of 50 miles daily to get to and from their place of employment, and these same
folks tell me they "will never be forced to move into a "sustainable community." (That's right
and they'll never give up their guns - wannabet??)

The average American has no idea what the politically correct elite globalist have planned for
them and how these rural home owners are going to be herded like cattle into "sustainable
communities." We are no longer living in the United States of America. Not since March
2005 when President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister
Paul Martin signed an agreement creating the "North American Union" patterned after
the European Union. The most powerful corporations operating in these three countries
want this union and have devised their strategies and goals, which are being implemented
by our elected officials with few if any questions asked.

[NOTE: How many redevelopment plans and/or general plan updates include generous
vision statements and plans for bicycle paths and walkways and little if any mention
of the automobile? In fact most want to discourage automobile ownership for various
and sundry vague environmental reasons. - MLM]

There seems to be a gag order placed on the news media so Ol' Joe Six-pack and his
couch potato pals are content to sit in front of the TV watching sports events and
American Idol.

Since Congress or We the People were not involved, this is a back door approach that will
erase our borders and create a governing body having jurisdiction over Congress as well
as the US Supreme Court. Jerome Corsi calls this "NAFTA Plus" and says it is being
created without explanation to, or understanding by the public in any of the three countries.


[NOTE: Since many in the alternative media have begun to expose this evil unconstitutional
abolition of US sovereignity, the above official website has created a fallacious
"SPP Facts Sheet" with misleading information purporting to debunk those alerting
the public - don't buy it!!]

The blueprint for this union is detailed in a 49 page book sponsored by the Council
on Foreign Relations
(CFR - ) in association with the Canadian Council
of Chief Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacianales, titled "Building
a North American Community."

Once accomplished, everyone will be moved into "Sustainable Communities." The move
will be necessary because at least half of our land will be designated wilderness areas
and off limits to everyone except government wildlife managers. Wolves, bears and
cougars will roam the territory and without guns humans will be unable to survive in
the wilderness. Sustainable Communities will be designed for bicycle and foot traffic.
Automobiles will be unecessary because the only highways will be Internationa Super
Corridors and off limits to civilian traffic.

[NOTE: See plans for the upcoming Trans Texas Corridor which will stretch from the
Texas border to Canada and bisect the US in half:

County and state lines will be abolished as are the national borders so there will be
no need for county or state governments. All this information can be found in a
300 page document titled "Agenda 21", which is not a treaty but a policy document
signed by president George H.W. Bush. It was President Wm. Jefferson Clinton
who issued Executive Order 12852 creating the PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL ON
[no wonder these two are so close these days...]

[NOTE: The Agenda 21 treaty can be seen at the United Nations website:
For an independent assessment on the Agenda 21 "soft treaty" see:
"Smart Growth and Agenda 21" -
by Henry Lamb]

Then there is the American Planning Association's Legislative Guidebook that explains
how we will be moved into these Sustainable Communities. The guidebook explains
that existing structures must be "brought into conformity with new regulations." These
single family homes located along rural byways won't pass inspection. Our wells will
not pass Clean Water Act regulations and the septic system is creating a pollution
problem. Besides that, the asbestos siding must be replaced with environmentally
friendly material.

It's illegal for you to remove the siding yourself. You must have a licensed contractor
do the work and pay to deposit the material in a licensed and environmentally approved
land fill. According to the International Property Maintenance Code ordinance passed by
our County Commissioners, your resident is so"out of repair" that it is unfit for human
habitation and must be demolished. But never fear - The American Planing Association
will have housing for you in one of our government approved Sustainable Communities.

American Planning Association's guidebook to sustainable development:

See the 2003 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code at:
It has been updated in 2006 with many more restrictive regulations and must
be purchased. If your community has decided to abide by the IPMC you should
be aware that you have little, if any, control over your private property and the
local building inspectors have total control of your property!!

Free downloads from Freedom21 Santa Cruz:

**Understanding Agenda 21, a Guide for Public Officials and pass this out to everyone
including public officials:

**"Transforming America: Sustainable Development"