Water Export Pumps tp supply the State & Federal Water systems are curtailed dumping precious flood water in the OCEAN.. Water that should be used to benefit Humans & Farms..

The water Agency Water Report 1-9-2023:

What Madness.
Massive Flooding, but Pumps at Tracy are curtailed!
Well, here we are again. The delta is awash in water with hundreds of thousands of acre feet of floodwater flowing out to the ocean ­ EACH DAY, but the export pumps near Tracy for the water projects are curtailed. The craziness embedded in and how the Biological Opinions are being implemented is being revealed. Even though there is no reverse flow on the Old and Middle Rivers right now, so fish aren't being pulled back up to the pumps, the State Water Project pumps especially are curtailed. (The Biological Opinions are essentially the Endangered Species Act regulations for managing the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.) The operators of the State Water Project have obviously decided that they need to forego full pumping right now. This after three years of drought that have been so destructive to the agricultural economy and made the urban water managers impose restrictions on use. . . . These big flow events just don't come along very often. It is so sad to see so much water being wasted out to the ocean. Doesn't it seem like the pumps should be running flat out (up to at least the yellow line limited by the State Water Resource Control Board permits below) right now? Indeed, shouldn't there be an emergency order made to even use the pumping capacity up to the physical pumping capacity right now? We need to get as much water into San Luis Reservoir, into the water banking projects in Kern County and elsewhere and into South State reservoirs serving the urban areas south of the Tehachapi Mountains when it is possible.

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San Luis Reservoir